elegolo and MikeOS

for beginners who want more

I found this nice little complete operating system on the world wide web at: mikeos.berlios.de with its easy to understand construction, fully programmed in NASM assembler and commented as far as necessary. It could be a great adventure to learn programming in Assembler by reading, using, modifying and understanding the quite simple code of this product.
There is a little BASIC compiler in it and a lot of other features and it is extremely small and handy. You can test its features using the floppy image supported and you should have rawwrtite.exe at hand to write binary files directly to disk.

For myself I thought I could take it as a base for the ROM system I am working on, but the code is not romable as there are a lot of variables spread over the whole coding, so it would work only if transferred from rom to ram, which I do not like to do.
The essential code parts that I would have needed and to which I downsized the whole product generated a binary file of about 4 KiB, so there would be enough space for own development of code to fit into 16 KiB of rom, but I stopped this develloping line because of the mentioned fact. I do like that OS anyway for its easy to understand and very modular structure.

With minimal modifications it would be able to fit the whole OS into a 16 KiB ROM like that ones you can place on a network interface card as expansion ROM including the loader for it so the complete OS will start with the system at once and very very fast. If you like you can quest me for my downsized version which has such a loading procedure implemented and upsize the system again.
In this case I did not follow the philosophy of ROMOS where a disk with disk loader is implemented in ROM, but made a simple copy program instead called by a replaced int 19h boot interrupt. What is to be loaded is the kernel only which then works with BIOS to make all necessary operations.




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