Operating Systems and Programming

My System of choice for developing and testing is freeDos, a freely available open source clone of Bill's old DOS. For basic infos on that there is a wiki available. Its a great help to have a stable basic system with lots of software added out of the box as well as lots of you can find everywhere.

To have all the look and feel at work and the hardware directly available, I use all of that on plain old PCs. However, sitting with my netbook in one of our nice cafes and as far as there is no one to talk to I use the PC-Emulator DOSBOX which comes with built in freeDos and I use it on my netbook (Samsung NC-10, Windows 7) with D-Fend Reloaded, a graphical framework that makes it easy to install and start up. You can start by installing the latter and have all you ever wanted in one package!


As I want to use the machine's peripheral interface ports (LPT, COM etc.) to drive external self-made hardware I decided to use Intel's 80x86-Assembler as my favorite programming language as far as this will fit my intentions.


I am also planning to build my own little working "kernel" in a ROM using the very sophisticated approach of Rayer's ROMOS.
It seems to be a quite easy way to make a ROM to put it into some old ISA-Bus Ethernet-cards which contains a (small) program loaded after BIOS-Startup. For this purpose I've ordered an Eprom-Programmer (Willem-type) from China via eBay, cheap and to be used on a "modern" operating system. You only need a free LPT port for data/control transfer and an USB port for power supply. The software that comes with it is ready to use! Be sure that your programmer is connected to the LPT and USB before you start the software!


That may be a project somewhere in the future.

PA: I always thought, when I would be retired there will be so much time to do things, however, this is NOT true. The time that is freely available to you flies away like a cloud in a very strong wind.



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