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As monkeyserve does not support my website any longer I had to change to byethost for hosting. But this one seems to have problems as well with accessing pages.  



Did a lot of experimenting with using espansion ROMs on network cards. My old ISA bus cards only allow 4 KiB or 16KiB of code, so ROMOS with FreeDOS will not fit into. By searching for another OS I found MikeOS - look at my description page on that topic.

Still working on romable coding of my projects. See you later!  



Stagnation with performing my projects. Strolling around in the web seems so much easier than really DOING something.

I rediscovered my old love Turbo Pascal, looked for free versions and have been very pleased to find the last state of developement Borland had stepped to, for free in the net. In 1993 Version 7.1 of TP ("Borland Pascal") was offered and you can find it now (search yourself!). Afterwards anything changed to Windows and Delphi was brought into life instead of TP. Nowadays you can a find the free and open source FreePascal project at sourceforge, but its not what I want, too complex, too much overloaded.
Additionally, I found a very good book in German describing the features of 7.0 at a second-hand shop via Amazon.

Turbo Pascal was my favorite language I used in the 80ies for programming some projects and it was the one with which I've learned object oriented programming by a very understandable approach. And I had to understand much as I was bound to procedural programming before for years as I am often now again by using Assembler. Perhaps I should try to make objects using the Assembler language - why not?
Why was TP my favorite and not C? Because the function and procedure calls where type safe and so there are a lot of errors prohibited by using TP instead of C.
It also was the language used at schools and universities in Germany to teach how to write programs, but not at my short early times on campus as then Algol (60 and 68) had been used in 1970 to lead students to programming.
Should I tell you that the first computer I wrote programs for was built with electronic tubes not with chips or transistors? No, I shouldn't! What a waste of energy to simply heat up that hundreds of valves! And the programs where coded on stripes of paper by punching holes. Stone ages!  



The ROM project continually chained my interest. I'd like to make some kind of minimal operating system fixed into a EEPROM or EPROM on a network card, where there is a socket to fit it in. I mentioned such at my site ("ROMOS") as well as here some days ago, but now try to get further with that. My 2 types of IDE network cards I accumulated in the past have different types of ROM sockets, one can hold EEP/EP/ROMS of 32KiB max. the other even such of 128KiB maximum.
Work in progress. Time consuming.  




See pictures on projects 01 and 02.  



Some textual corrections about forgotten files of 3rd program - sorry for any inconvenience.

I began experimenting with direct loadable programs what means that I create a floppy that loads the program directly into memory and starts executing - no DOS, no file system, raw bytes in a few sectors only! The purpose is to burn that into ROM and put it on a network card that has a slot for a ROM and execute directly from there.

And I got a lot of problems in software with that and with the hardware interrupt (4th program) as well. Lot of testing produces heavy delay on any project.



My first quite unprofessional movie is online - enjoy! Tipps to make it better: are appreciated!



My first steps to assembler coded software are online - enjoy! Discuss: !



As I've seen on eBay (Germany), ISA based PCs or mainboards seem to be found not so easy anymore. Nevertheless, I continue my work with what I have here. Perhaps your grandfather has an old one you can inherit.

As far as the BIOS does not change that much and lots of newer bards and PCs still have compatible ports, my work can be used there. I do not intend to use USB, its too complex for the simple ways I want to go.

My time, accelerated by my stress free life, lets move me very slowly only, rapidly approaching the beeing of a pale-sloated sloth.




Modification in structure only - no content changed! Exception:

Menu EXPERIMENTAL added to home page - tries to open an eperimental site at my home computer. Works only if I've started the system, mostly sitting there!



Added the ARTWORK page as a starter for dicussing my makings of being "art" and some of my NON-PC-ART like paintings and graphics.
Modified the menu bar in some cases to be more alike a breadcrumb bar. I hope that is somehow intuitively understandable without thinking about.



Layout changes, esp. changed my fix monospace font to a free one, so anyone may use her or his preferred one, even if it might not look like DOS any longer.
Until now I used LucidaConsole as font family but recognized that this was not so good to be zoomed in firefox. Now that family will be used which you have set up in your browser for monospce (fixed font) yourself, if so, and you can change that at any time ("preferences" or "options").


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