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Well, not just a tool, but I use compact flash ("CF") memory cards instead of fix disks:







My experiments to hold a windows system itself on that kind of data carrier failed as that system extensively uses the "fix disk" and after a while there are more and more cells on the CF-chip that can not be rewritten, errors occur, system goes down, unrepairable. But DOS lacks that habit of constantly writing and reading ("swapping") its main memory contents to and from fix disk, so there is no problem with using CF memory. I like that!
Nevertheless, on my development machine, I use a ram disk additionally for files that are often changed, sources and compiled programs for instance. The only thing to be looked for is to save those files to CF or any external drive before shutting down - or all of your today's work will be lost forever.
CF's are used with simple adaptors that fit into the IDE port or can be applied to any IDE cable just like a fix disk. You can easily change the CF in that adaptor (see pictures).
Buy very cheap CF adaptors from Chinese distributors (=>eBay, search for "IDE to compact flash adaptor") and also find CF cards on eBay. I use 64 MB and 128 MB cards - that's far enough; you can use lower capacities as well.








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